Downloading from Attachmore

with Internet Explorer

You received a download link

Someone has sent you an Attachmore download link. That's great. Why did they send you a file using Attachmore? Most likely, they wanted to send you files that were too large to email or they sent the link through a social network, like Facebook and Linked In that don't allow file attachments. With Attachmore, they were able to upload their files and provide you a download link to retrieve them. Now it's all up to you.

Step 1: Click the download link 

When you click the download link the sender provided to you, your web browser will open to display the download page. If the download link is not clickable, you will need to copy the link, open your web browser, and paste the link into the address bar to open the download page.

Email with clickable link

Email with non-clickable link 

Step 2: Click the Download Button 

The download page provides a preview of their thumbnail photos or icons of the files you are about to download.  When you click the download button, your web browser will take over and manage the download process. 

Email and Password Requirements

You may see fields to collect an email address, a password, or both.  The sender has set these and requires them to be collected prior to downloading.  If you enter an email address, it and the time and date of the download will be logged for the sender's records.  The send may allow any email address or limit downloads to only certain email addresses.  For the password, the sender creates this and may need to provide it to you.  Attachmore support can not provide passwords for download pages.

Step 3: The Download - The Browser Takes Over

Internet Explorer will present a prompt at the bottom that asks you if you want to open or save the file. If you choose open, the files will open, but they are opened from a cached location on your computer. When you close them they are deleted. If you made changes to the file, they will be lost.

We recommend using the save or save as option. Save will download the files and save them to the Download folder on your computer. From here you can open the files or move them to their permanent location. If you use Save As, you can choose where you want the files download to be saved on your computer.

Step 4: Download Complete 

One the files have download the browser will prompt you to open the files. 

Zip Files

If the sender provided you with multiple files, a zip file was downloaded.  When you open the zip file you may want to extract the files to a permanent location on your computer.  Your operating system usually provides Extract Options in the file explorer window. 

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