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How to Upload files

Using Attachmore's Website. (See Right Click Upload Software)

Step 1 - Create Account or Sign In

To upload files using Attachmore's homepage, simply create a Free 1GB account or sign in to your existing account.

Step 2 - Select Files

Once you are signed in, click the Select Files button. Your computer or device will display its file selection dialog. Use this dialog to navigate and find the files you want to upload.

Select the one or multiple files to upload.  If you want to upload entire folders try Attachmore software

Step 3 - Upload Files

Once you have selected all the files you want to upload, click the Upload Files button.  You can remove files by clicking the minus sign on the file.  Or you can add more files by clicking Select Files again.

Step 4 - Receive Download Link 

When the files start to upload Attachmore presents the download link.  You can personalize the name of the files by clicking the icon next to the file name. 

Step 5 - Share the Link

By clicking the Share Link button, you can choose from the list of Share options we provide. Selecting an option will open a compose message in that communication tool and place the download link in the body of the message.

As pictured below we selected Local Email and the Windows 8 Mail client opens a new message to send our link.  We simple choose recipients and personalize the message.

The Download Page

Once your recipients receive your link they click it to open the download page.  Once here they can download the files you sent them.  They don't need to sign in, sign up, or install software.  They just download.