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Drag Drop Upload Software for Mac (See Windows Version)

Select and Upload Files without going to a website. No website, No logins, No Hassles

Drag and Drop Upload

When you open the Attachmore main application you can drag and drop files on the app to start uploading.

If you drag and drop files on the File the Group tab, the files are uploaded as a group and a single download link is presented.

If you drag and drop files on the Upload Queue tab, each files is uploaded and a unique download link is presented for each file.

The Upload Monitor

The upload monitor appears after use the right click "Upload to Attachmore" option. It allows you to monitor the progress of your upload as well as manage the download link. While the upload is occurring you can customize the link to:

  • Require password or email to download.
  • Notify with a text or email message when download occur.
  • Expire on a certain date or after a certain number of downloads.

You can also choose to copy or email the link. The email link button allows you to choose from a number of email programs and social networks to send your link.

Menu Tool Bar

Attachmore is always available in the menu tool bar. This icon will animate when files are uploading and notify you when uploads are complete.

You can also launch the Attachmore main application and do a number of task from the drop down menu.

This provides quick access to Attachmore right from your Mac. No Websites, No Logins, No Hassles.

Main Application

The Attachmore Main Application provides a history of the files you have uploaded. You can manage these files and reuse the download links. It also provides a view of files that are selected for group upload on the Files to Group Tab. You can view any files that are in the process of uploading in the Upload Queue

Attachmore for Mac

Click here to download the Attachmore software for Mac.  Start Right Clicking uploading the files you want to send and share.

You can register for your Attachmore account in the setup of the software.

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