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Secure File Sharing

Enjoy peace of mind.  You're safe and secure with Attachmore.

In today's Internet, security is vitally important. Whether you are using Attachmore for personal or business needs it's important that your files are secure. Attachmore takes important steps to ensure the files you transfer with our service are secure and only accessible by those you want  to access them.

Attachmore Operations and Data Handling

All items uploaded to Attachmore servers are stored in an encrypted format. Attachmore employees do not have access to open or view uploaded items. The data is only accessible from the item's download page. A file ID is assigned to the item at the time of upload. The generated file ID is used as an encryption/decryption key. Attachmore employees do not have access to your download pages or file IDs. The only people who can access the uploaded items are you, the sender, and the recipients of the download link.

Credential Download Options

Items uploaded to Attachmore are accessible to anyone with access to the item’s download page. If the sender’s recipients forward the item’s download links to others, they will have the ability to retrieve the uploaded items from the download page. To prevent unauthorized access, the sender can choose to implement credentials that a visitor to the download page must enter to download the item. The sender can choose to require an email address, a specific email address, or a password. The sender or account holder can apply these rules to all items transferred through their Attachmore account or on an item-by-item basis.

256-bit SSL Encrypted Transfer

The sender or recipient can choose to upload and download items using 256-bit SSL security. This technology, which is commonly used in secure online transactions, encrypts the communication channel between the user’s computer and the Attachmore server. Using SSL encryption prevents a third party from intercepting the communication between the user’s computer and Attachmore servers.

By default all Attachmore uploads and download occur over https which means 256-bit SSL security is in use.  

Item Expirations and Disabling

All items transferred with Attachmore are available from the item’s download page for a specified number of downloads and days.  After either of these are reached, the item will no longer be available from the download page.  Expired items will be purged from Attachmore’s storage infrastructure within 90 days.  The sender of the item has the ability to disable the item and customize its availability settings at any time.

HIPPA Compliance

Attachmore has the ability for the sender to transfer data and meet HIPAA requirements. HIPPA requires five technical safeguard standards when transferring data which are: access control, audit controls, integrity, person or entity authentication and transmission security.

To meet HIPPA standards when transferring files with Attachmore be sure to:

1. Upload only using https, generate https download links

2. Require the download page to require a valid email address and password before allowing recipients to download files.

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