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Guests Upload Files to you

Receive files from others with one simple link.

"Hey, send me those files." you say.

It seems likes a simple request, but it can be complicated.  As an Attachmore user its simple provide a link for others to upload files to you. 

With Guest links you can create limited use upload links that allow others to upload files to you using your Attachmore account.  You receive an email notification with a link to download when the files arrive.

Here's how it works:

Guest links can be created in your Attachmore account or with the Attachmore software.

Guest Links in the My Account Section

Guest Links in the Attachmore Software

Step 1: Create Guest Link

For each Guest Link you can choose how much can upload using the link, how many times the link can be used and how long the link will last.  When any of these limits are met the link disables. 

Step 2: Send the Guest Link

Once you create the Guest Link, you can copy/paste it or send it using the Share Link options. 

What do they see?

Recipients of your guest links will click the link and land at an upload page.  Pictured below is the upload page in branded format.  Instead of saying Attachmore it is branded for an Architecture firm.  To learn about branding your Attachmore pages visit here.

After they select files and upload your guest will see the following screens.

Uploading Files

Upload Complete

Upload Notifications

When the upload completes the email addresses you assigned to guest link will receive a notification like the below email.   The email includes a link to download the files.

Managing Guest Links

Don't worry you are in control.  You can always disable guest links in your account.  You can also review which guest links were used and easily view which files were uploaded.   

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