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Brand or Integrate

Keep your personal or business brand front and center.

The Standard Download Page

Attachmore enables you to upload files, receive a download link and share the link with recipients to download your files. The download links open our standard download page standard download page as pictured here.

The Branded Download Page

We believe file sharing is an extension of you or your business.  So we provide a simple branding wizard that you can make our download page your own.  Upload logos, coloration, profile pictures, contact information, social media icons, anything you want to make the download page carry your personal or business brand.  It could look like this: 

Receive files from others

With your Attachmore account you can also create limited use Guest Links that allow others to upload files to you through your Attachmore account.  If you have branded the download page, you now have a branded page for others to send you files.  Learn more about Guest links here.

Integrate into your site

The best way to send and share files with other is to use your website, not ours.  With Attachmore you can integrate snippets of our code into your website.  Now when you upload, Attachmore will provide a download link that uses your website address.  Recipients will come to your site to download files or upload files to you.    Its easy for you or your web developer to integrate.

Step 1

Enter web address and page name of where you want Attachmore to display the download code..

Step 2

Assign your self of other Sub-users of your account to use this page as their download and guest link page.

Step 3

Receive script and place it on your webpage.

Step 4

Customize the appearance to match your websites design and colorations.

The Integrated Download Page

Here is an example of how one of our customers integrated Attachmore into their website.  They send and share files with their clients and keep center stage when sharing.  Attachmore is behind the scenes. 

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