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Benefits of Using Attachmore for File Sharing

Easy Upload and Link Generation

With Attachmore software or the website, selecting, uploading and sharing is simple. Unlike online storage solutions, Attachmore enables you to select files and folders on your computer or device to upload. You don’t have to first upload to the cloud and then organize your data into sharing folders and then create sharing links. With Attachmore the share link is presented when the upload starts. You are free to share the link with others and move on with your life.

uploading files

Automatic Expiration and Purges

Download links expire automatically based on the number of downloads or the time period you set. Your recipients don’t have forever access to your files and you don’t have to manage user access.

Also after the link expires your files can automatically are purge from Attachmore storage. You don’t need to worry about managing another storage location for your data. Think of Attachmore as your temporary share location, not your long term data archive.

Expiring Download Links

It's your link, use as you please

Attachmore presents the download link when the upload starts. You are able to copy and paste the link into an existing email or document.. Or directly send the link using the Share Link button.  We present a number of popular email, instant message, or social networking tools.

Other solutions often don’t share the download link and communicate to your recipients on your behalf. Their goal is to use your recipient’s email address to build their marketing database and then promote offerings to them. With Attachmore, we value the privacy of the communication between you and your recipients. We stay behind the scenes and you keep center stage with your recipients.

Sharing Download Links

You are in the know with Download Notifications

With Attachmore you can know when someone downloaded your files. Set links to send an email or text message when recipients download. It’s great to know that a client downloaded a proposal or a friend retrieved the photos you sent. Knowledge is power and peace of mind.

Receiving Notifications when files download

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