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How Attachmore Uploads and shares files

See how easy it is to send and share files with a solution that’s specifically designed for it.

Your communication tools such as email, instant messaging, and social networks limit the ability to attach files. Some of these tools limit the size of file attachments. Others may not offer the ability to attach at all. With Attachmore you bypass the need to use attachments by sending Attachmore download links.   

Step 1 - Upload to Attachmore

With the Attachmore upload software or our website you select and upload files.

Our software is great.  We integrate with your computer's operating system so that selecting files and folders is easy and intuitive. You don’t have to learn a new program or change your workflow.  A simple right click of the mouse on a file or folder enables you to start uploading.

With our website you select files to upload using a file explorer that displays the files and folders on your computer.  

Right Click upload of files

Attachmore Right Click Upload Software

Website Upload of Files

Attachmore Website: Select, Upload and Send

Step 2 - Receive Download Link

Attachmore is unique in that it provides the download link for you to send and share while the upload is occurring. No need to wait until the upload completes before getting a link to share with others.  You can share the link knowing that the upload will complete. 

Also you can customize the link to require your recipients to provide an email address or password prior to downloading. Or have the link notify you by email or text message when downloads occur. Lastly you can also control how many downloads are allowed and the length of time the link is available.  You are in the know and in control of your files in the cloud.  

Download Link for Uploaded Files

Step 3 - Send and Share the Download Link

Attachmore connects with all your favorite communication tools to help you send and share download links easily. Select one of the many options and Attachmore opens a compose message and inserts the download link into the body of the message. You simply select recipients, personalize the message and send.

If we don't list your communication tool, you can use the Copy Link button to copy the link to your computer's clipboard. Then you can paste the link anywhere you want.

Share Options for Uploaded Files

Step 4 - Recipients Download

Recipients click the link you sent them and are taken to a download page to retrieve your files. They don't need to be member or install software. They click the download button to start the download.

Sending and sharing data is a personal between your and your recipients. The download page your recipients use can carry your personal or business brand. Click here to learn about branding the download page.

Also if you have a website, integrate Attachmore into it.  Once integrated the download links you create with Attachmore will use your website address.   This way recipients visit your website to download files. We say keep it between you and your recipients. Attachmore wants to be completely behind the scenes.  Click here to learn about integrating Attachmore into your site.

Download Page

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