Does Microsoft Outlook ever tell you this?

posted 05/05/2015

The File you're attaching is bigger than the server allows.  Try putting the file in a shared location and sending a link instead.  Great Idea Outlook.  Attachmore is the perfect tool.  Select, upload, get a link and send through Outlook email.  Works like a dream. 

What do you think?

posted 04/30/2015

Send High Res Photos

Upload Software - How to.

posted 04/03/2015

We are starting to work on our Attachmore video series. Here is a good one about our right click upload software and how to send and share files over Facebook. Sending High Resolution Photos with Facebook Photos albums doesn't work well. They convert the files low resolution which are fine for web viewing but aren't the best for printing or archiving. If you are like me, I want the originals. So with Attachmore and our right click upload software, you can easily send and share files over Facebook or an social network.

Check out our software page at here. 

Send High Res Photos, No Problem.

posted 03/27/2015

Ok, you know those photos you took are great.  But sending and sharing them with others can be frustrating or near impossible, right?

Email – Fails – It limits how many you can attach

Facebook – Is ok – But it creates low resolution versions of your pics.  

Dropbox and others - Are just too complicated for simple file sharing.


Meet – Hello!

3 Steps and you can send and share your high res photos with others.  Click here to learn more.

Send High Res Photos reviews Attachmore

posted 03/24/2015

Hello Attachmore'ers?

So I get emails all day long of people trying to help sell and promote Attachmore.  They are usually scams or have big price tags.  Today, I was very impressed with  They sent me an email saying they had downloaded and reviewed our latest version of Attachmore and posted it to their website  Great jobs guys.  I appreciate it and will educate all my Attachmore users about your site and its vast wealth in information about software. 

Attachmore Review

Visit to see the review

Greetings from Brent Young Attachmore's Founder

posted 2/26/2015

Hello Data Slingers,

Thank you so much for visiting Attachmore and using our service to help you send and share files.  If you are new to Attachmore, welcome to our newly update website which we released in Feb 2015.  If you are previous Attachmore user, we hope you like the new site. 

The new website is a responsive designed website that is built to format to the device our computer or platform you are viewing Attachmore with.  We love it and we hope you do as well. 

Brent Young Founder - San Diego CA