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Upload and Sharing Features

upload to cloud

With Attachmore, selecting, uploading and sharing large files or any type of file is simple. Most online storage solutions first require you migrate your files to the web, organize them into share folders and then create share links. Attachmore is different and easier. With Attachmore you select files locally, upload and receive a download link immediately. You are ready to send and share the link with others using your email, messaging programs, or social networks. It's that simple.

share large files expire

Download links expire automatically based on the number of downloads or the time period you set. Your recipients don't have forever access to your files and you don't have to manage user access. Also, when links expire, so can your files. Attachmore can automatically purge your files from your account and the cloud. You don't need to worry about managing another storage location for your data. Think of Attachmore as your temporary share location.

share large files options

Attachmore presents the download link when your files start uploading. You can copy\paste the link or directly send the link using your email, instant messages, or social networking tools. Other solutions often don't share the download link and send it to your recipients on your behalf. In this scenario your recipient's email address is collected and used to build their marketing database. Attachmore values the privacy of the communication between you and your recipients. By providing the download link to you, we stay behind the scenes and you keep center stage with your recipients.

send large files securely

Download links can be secure as you want them to be. Employ 256bit AES encryption when uploading and downloading files. You can also chose to require recipients to enter an email address or password prior downloading. All download activity such as the downloader's IP address, email address and the date and time of when the download occurred are logged. Security settings can be set on the fly during the upload or assigned as defaults for all links.

share large files notifications

With Attachmore you can know when recipients download your files. Receive email or text message notifications when downloads occur. It's great to know that a client downloaded your proposal or your friend retrieved the photos you sent them. With Attachmore you are in the know about what's happening with your files in the cloud.

share large files devices

Attachmore's upload website is designed to work on all devices. On our home page you can upload photos from your phone or tablet to share with your friends. Most sharing tools on phones or tablets send and share thumbnails versions or low resolution versions of the file. Attachmore uploads the actual file and not a degraded version. Your recipients get your best, just like you want it.

upload software

Windows and Mac users can upload files to Attachmore with a simple right click of their mouse. When you install the Attachmore software on your computer it adds extensions to the file shortcut menu. When you right click on a file, a group of files or a folder the option "Upload to Attachmore" is displayed. Choosing this option starts the upload and a download link is presented for you to send and share. No website, No Login, No Hassles. Click here to visit our Attachmore software page.

teams share large files

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, Attachmore increases productivity by allowing employees to send and share files with ease. Avoid complicated online storage and collaboration tools for the simple task of sending files to clients. Give each employee a sub-user account and they can upload and send their files with ease. As the administrator you have record of which business files are being shared and stored in the cloud. And you can rest assured knowing that links expire and files purge automatically. You don't have to manage a storage location.

The Recipient Experience

Attachmore makes it easy for recipients to download the files you send and share. Recipients are not required to be members or login to retrieve your files. They simply click the download link you share with them to visit the download page and click the download button.

You can require recipients to enter an email or a password to access your files. You can set this during the upload for just certain files or make it a default setting for all files you upload with Attachmore. Once recipients authenticate, they can download and you have record of who downloaded, the IP address, and the date and time.

Personalize and brand our download page with your logo and colorations. It's easy with our online branding wizard. This keeps your file transfers between you and your recipients. Attachmore is completely behind the scenes. Also, if you have website, you can integrate the download process into your site. When you upload files to Attachmore you receive a download link that uses your website address. Your recipients go to your website to download.

share large file download page share large file download page